‘Paapanaashanam’ is one of the places of visit on the holy hills of Tirumala Tirupati. It is a holy waterfall and people who go for pilgrimage to Tirupati don’t miss out to bathe under the holy waterfalls ‘Paapanaashanam’. Devotees consider, these holy waters of the waterfall wash away their sins and make them pious. ‘Drushyam’ is all about fighting against sin and finally getting oneself purified by washing away the sin by accepting guilt.

This might seem to be like some ‘Satsanga’ classes but Tamil remake of ‘Drushyam’ is reportedly going for a title change. As per the latest news, Kamal Haasan’s movie is going to be titled ‘Paapanaasham’. After the competion of ‘Uttama Villian’, this movie will go on sets. Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada versions of the movie have almost the same titles and the makers might have felt that the title has become too familiar and lost its sheen and shocking factor which is essential for a thriller.