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All Time Number 7 – Fidaa

All Time Number 7 – FidaaIt was just a matter of time, and it is done now. Fidaa has crossed the 2 Million landmark in the US making it the biggest hit in the career of all involved.

With the 2 Million achieved, Fidaa is now the seventh highest grossing film of all time in the US. If one excludes the two Baahubali movies, then it is the fifth biggest. Srimanthudu, A Aa, Khaidi No 150, and Nannaku Prematho are the films above it. Fidaa is likely to cross Nannaku Prematho and become the fourth (or sixth including Bahaubali movies) highest grosser of all time.

One can’t stress it enough, but it is a phenomenal performance for a small film. It reinforces strength to Sekhar Kammula brand in the US. Additionally, it helps solidify Dil Raju production in the market. Their next films are sure to take bumper openings. Nagarjuna Akkineni Behind Sumanth DivorceDon’t MissNagarjuna Behind Akkineni Hero’s Divorce?Whenever Sumanth comes out to give interviews or for media interactions, one question on his…Ram-Charan--Laziest-Star-Hero-of-2017-in-TeluguDon’t MissLaziest Star Hero of 2017 in TeluguDon’t go by the literal meaning of the title rather think about the one-star hero…US-BO-It-Nani-MCA-Vs.-Vikram-Kumar-Hello-MovieDon’t MissUS BO: It’s Nani Vs Vikram KumarWhile Akhil may prove to be a factor in the Telugu states due to the…Pawan Kalyan - MLA RojaDon’t MissPawan Kalyan’s 400 Cr Package with TDP!Roja has become the official spokesperson of YSRCP who seems to be the first one…MLA roja on Pawan Kalyan Gundu ControversyDon’t Missపవన్ కళ్యాణ్ కి గుండు కొట్టించింది నిజమే – రోజాబండ్ల గణేష్ తో ఇటీవలే జరిగిన వివాదం వాళ్ళ కావొచ్చు మరొకటి కావొచ్చు, వైకాపా ఎమ్మెల్యే రోజా పూర్తిగా పవన్…