Time for Thaman To Stop Song Appearances?Of late, it has become increasingly common for music directors to make appearances in lyrical videos. But there’s a limit for it. As it appears, Thaman is clearly overdoing it.

In the lyrical video of Jai Balayya from Veera Simha Reddy that was released yesterday, Thaman makes an elongated appearance. This hasn’t gone well with netizens.

The Telugu crowd on social media is commenting that Thaman is grossly overdoing the appearances in songs as this isn’t the first time he is doing this. He did the same with Sarkaru Vaari Paata songs as well and a few other ones.

“I don’t understand why this Thaman has urge and need to appear in all the lyrical videos. He’s better off composing good tunes. A brief appearance here and there is fine but trying to get as much screen time as the heroes in all the videos is not good. He’s clearly overdoing it” a Telugu social media user commented.

Another person commented on Thaman’s appearance in Jai Balayya lyrical, saying Thaman’s antics by sporting all the white and white apparel and stuff is comical.

Perhaps Thaman should take the feedback into account and act accordingly in the future.

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