Time flies working with Kammula- Vaibhav Reddy

Southern actor Vaibhav Reddy can’t believe how 45 days flew by on the sets on Annamika, the southern remake of Kahaani. He says he remembers when they started shooting and as he looks back today, he is surprised that so many days have gone by.

He says nearly 80 percent of the film is completed and he had a ball shooting with Sekhar Kammula. Vaibhav plays the role of the police officer, which was originally played by Parambrata Chaterjee. Unlike the role in the original, Kammula has made slight changes to the role to suit the native audiences.

He says Kammula added a touch of humour to his role and he is confident that audiences are going to love it. When quizzed about working in a remake, he was quick to clarify that it’s an adaptation, but not a remake.