Ajith - Rajinikanth-VijayWith regard to the exhibitors, distributors and producers of the Film Industry in South, there is no well-established system to see that none of the stakeholders will have to suffer huge losses while the others can walk away without losing a penny.

So, Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex owners came up with a new model that can work for all the distributors and exhibitors alike. They have set up a model tagging big stars as the Tier 1 heroes aka Rajinikanth, Vijay Ilayapathy and Ajith etc. The second league of heroes will come under Tier 2 with Suriya, Siva Karthikeyan, Vijay Sethupathy and several others.

According to this model, the theatres will collect 60% share in A centres and a 65% share in the other centres for movies of Tier 1 heroes. For Tier 2 heroes, the share would be 55% in A centres and 60% in the other centres. For all the other heroes, a fixed share of 50% will be collected.

This model is being discussed as they want the distributors to get their fair share for not only big heroes’ movies but also for others. In a way, this new system will ensure that there wouldn’t be pressure on the small and medium budget films in the form of an increase in the ticket rates and other things. Let’s wait and see, how they would work this out in Kollywood.