Ticket Rates No Longer In Producers' Hands?Locking the optimal cinema ticket prices has been posing a serious challenge to filmmakers. 7 Days 6 Nights director, MS Raju has made an interesting comment in this context.

“Why would the audience step out to watch small films, paying Rs 200 ticket prices? High prices are good for big films, but for small films, the pricing should be low. I went to a theater and saw Rs 200 ticket pricing. We can’t expect the audience to pay such high prices for small films,” he said.

Raju went on to add that he tried to orchestrate Rs 100, 150 ticket prices for his film, but the distributors were against it and advised Rs 200 at plexes and Rs 150 at single screens. It is implied that the ticket prices are no longer in the hands of the producers.

Raju stated that small films should have low ticket pricing in order to pull the audience to theaters in numbers and only that can save the industry and small filmmakers.