Ticket Rates Issue Not Resolving Any SoonerProducer Bunny Vas is one of the producers who met Andhra Pradesh Minister Perni Nani regarding the contentious issues between the industry and the Government. In conversation with Mirchi9 about his this week release, Most Eligible Bachelor, Bunny Vas has revealed what is going on with this issue.

“Ticket Rates issue is not going to get resolved any sooner. Maybe 100% occupancy and Night Shows permission will be given. There is a big communication problem between both the sides. They have shown us the tax collection of some of our films. We are shocked with huge disparity about a movie had collected and the tax paid,” Bunny Vas said.

“Our team had met the Minister and also Pawan Kalyan later. We asked both the sides to maintain restraint. We told that how the industry is so sensitive with many lives and lot of money at stake. They have agreed. Everything happening here is going to the Government in a different way and creating more gap,” he said.

“Online Ticketing will come but there is a lot of work to be done. A committee will be appointed by the Government. The idea is to get the ticket sale details every day after the second show. Government involvement will not be beyond that. There are lot of misconceptions doing rounds about Online Ticketing but Supreme Court guidelines do not allow monopoly. Also, there is no way Government can block our money,” the producer added.