Nandini Reddy Jeopardized by the Director on SetsDirector Nandini Reddy shared a little fight that she had with Krishna Vamsi on the sets of Mahesh Babu’s Murari to which she worked as an assistant director.

As Nandini said, the director wanted to explain a shot to Sonali where she had to kneel down and take off her Saree pallu in a way to show the hero that all of her is his. Unable to convey that to the heroine, Krishna Vamsi asked Nandini Reddy to describe the same to Sonali, which Nandini denied.

She (Nandini) asked why the girl has to take off her saree to express the feeling? Will the boy take off his pants to say the same to her girl?, to which Krishna Vamsi got angry and shouted at Nandini to do what he said if not he would break her legs. Though Nandini just laughed it out, for there is a lot happening around female harassment these days, not sure how this will be taken on “social media”.