Three Top Stars Bring Three Disasters To NetflixSun Pictures is one of the top production houses in Tamil Nadu. They also own the famous Sun Next OTT and have been releasing all their films on this platform for the last few years.

If you observe, they have also made a deal in such a way that all their films that release on Sun Next also get streamed on Netflix as well. In the past, Rajikanth’s Annaatthe, Suriya’s ET, and recent release, Vijay’s Beast are films that will stream on Sun Next as well as Netflix.

Netflix has spent a bomb on these above said films but sadly, all of them have been mega flops. Beast’s commercial fate would be known later but the talk is extremely poor which will result in less views for an OTT platform.

This would hurt Netflix badly as they had pinned a lot of hopes that these three star hero films would increase their subscription rate and popularity but nothing of that sort has happened.