Threats Started for RGV - Nagarjuna Officer MovieThe mess RGV got himself into is directly reflecting on his upcoming directorial cop drama ‘Officer’ starring Nagarjuna in the lead. After mega family protests, character artist Sudhakar Naidu gave RGV a strong warning and even threatened to man-handle him, if needed.

This isn’t the first time Sudhakar Naidu fired on RGV. He wasn’t happy with the way RGV made ‘Vangaveeti’ and hence used harsh words on RGV for the same. Once again, abusing Pawan Kalyan and then rendering an apology didn’t go well with Pawan Kalyan supporters.

Sudhakar Naidu challenged RGV to come to Hyderabad and face them. Anyway, RGV has to come for pre-release event and also for promoting his movie in Hyderabad. Though RGV is adept at making pun on others, he never liked to give back to Sudhakar Naidu. Let’s see how Nag’s movie will swim across the troubled waters.