Threat Is Growing for Nani and Devadas MovieReality shows can either make or break a celebrity’s image to the extent that can’t be ignored. In Hindi Bigg Boss, there was a popular television actress Heena Khan who was the queen of daily soaps with a soft image. But, Bigg Boss show ruined her image and made her the villain. In Telugu, Kaushal became a new sensation by the virtue of ‘Bigg Boss 2’.

His craze on the social media is quite surprising for many and how the crowd supporting him had organised a common platform calling themselves Kaushal Army. This army is scaring Nani big time as the group is angry on Nani for his alleged biased hosting. Now that Nani’s multi-starrer ‘Devadas’ is coming to theatres, the threat from Kaushal Amy is high up.

They are threatening Nani to boycott his movie and instead of watching ‘Devadas‘ in the theatres they would rather prefer to watch it on Amazon Prime or online later. They are demanding Nani make amendments with Kaushal before the release of the movie. The grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 2’ is just a few days away and Kaushal is one of the favourites of the viewers as the expected winner of the show.