Music-Review-Melodic-Treat-From-SS-Thaman---Tholi-PremaWhenever we hear the name of music director SS Thaman, we immediately think of Dappu (drums) beats. An overdose of such songs had made his name synonymous with the sound which often leads to mocking.

However, SS Thaman has another side to him which is pretty much ignored all the time compared to the mass beats. He is good at delivering melodies as well, but more often than not they go under the radar. With Tholi Prema Thaman goes all all-out in providing only melodies. And he has been very successful in the endeavor.

All the songs on the album Tholi Prema are peppy, and melody filled. The lyrics by Srimani are superb and make the songs a joyful listen. All the songs barring ‘Vinnanae’ are good on repeat hearings with a couple of numbers instantly clicking.

Overall, Tholi Prema is a fresh and breezy album as many anticipated after the initial teasers. SS Thaman is currently churning out multiple albums (Bhaagmathie, Achari America Yatra, etc.), but Tholi Prema is sure to stand out among them all.