This Will Be The Advantage Of Thimmarusu In Theaters!Satyadev‘s Thimmarusu is the first film to release in Tollywood after the second wave. The movie is releasing tomorrow. The recently released trailer of the film was impressive and leaves us with a feeling that it has been loosely inspired or adapted from Birbal Trilogy.

Usually, attempting remakes in the OTT era has become a big risk because the OTT has erased the language barriers for the audience. We now get to see every film in our living rooms. When we remake such films, the comparisons would be more intense than what used to be in the Pre-OTT era.

But that, that will not be much of a threat for Thimmarusu. Tamil and Malayalam films are more popular with the Telugu audience on OTT but it is not the case with Kannada films. Birbal being a Kannada movie will naturally have low visibility. The comparisons will not come and Thimmarusu will still be a fresh subject for our audience.

Satyadev is the only hero in Tollywood in this pandemic to have two different experiences. His Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya was released on Netflix during the first wave and now, Thimmarusu is releasing in theaters.