Anushka Shetty Singam 3 Si3Everyone knows what kind of a good human being star heroine Anushka is. She was one of the gorgeous ladies in Tollywood and had one of the best figures in town.

But as age kept growing and Size Zero came in her lap, things changed completely for her. The film demanded her to put on weight and the daring actress she is, Anushka decided to put on flab and the result was quite good to see.

But sadly the film bombed heavily at the box office disappointing Anushka and many of her fans. But the real struggle for her started when she was asked to decrease weight for Baahubali 2. She has been working hard for it but does not seem to have got back in shape.

In the recently released Singam 3 Anushka looks a tad too heavy and this has become a cause of concern for her fans. In many scenes, she looks fat in the film and critics have come down strongly upon her.

All this leaves to the only discussion that as she has a very crucial role in Baahubali 2 how did she manage the shoot. To know the actual secret we need to watch the second part to find out.