Star Maa Janaki KalaganaledhuMany contemporary audiences might not know ‘Janaki Kalaganaledu’ was a super hit melody from the 1983 movie ‘Rajkumar’ starring yesteryear actors Shoban Babu and Jayasudha. This old melody gave life to a brand new daily soap to be aired on Star Maa.

The old melody was remixed and used as the title song for Star Maa’s upcoming daily soap ‘Janaki Kalaganaledu‘. and it instantly became viral for the instant connection with the title and the visuals. The visuals were beautifully shot and sank in precisely.

This is a super-smart strategy by the makers of the daily serial and the channel to remix an old melody and take it to the contemporary television audiences who mainly comprise the family audiences, parents, grandparents and kids.

The entire video came out so well and the serial became a familiar one even before the release. Not to forget the lead pair who emoted well to make the connection And the beauty possible.