This Very Quality Makes Junior NTR Perfect for PoliticsThere is a lot of talk about Young Tiger NTR’s Political Debut in recent times. There are demands from a few sections that he should come into politics and lead the Telugu Desam Party which is going through a lean phase.

The other day, the actor attended Thellavarita Guruvaram Pre-Release event. The Young Tiger was so emotional speaking about Rajamouli and Keeravani’s families and it was then, the fans were shouting ‘CM NTR’ and similar slogans. At one point, NTR got a bit irritated and he angrily asked them to stop.

Usually, we see stars not able to control their fans but then, with one order of the star, there was pin-drop silence in the jam-packed auditorium. The discipline of NTR fans and the leadership qualities NTR commands have become the talking point in social media.

“The respect he commands is what is necessary for a leader. That is what it is going to take to succeed in politics. NTR should come to politics,” the demands came back.