Allu Arjun Pushpa Success MeetIcon Star Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa Thanks meet has happened in Hyderabad this afternoon. It was like a get-together of the team sharing their memories around the film. Allu Arjun spoke at length about the film and all those who contributed to the film’s success.

He has got the slides of everyone’s pictures on the big screen. He mentions everyone’s role in the movie and thanked each of them profusely. Actors mentioning everyone in a film is not something new. But Allu Arjun did something very different.

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There was a slide for everyone in the team from the producers, Sukumar, the cast to even the staff working in his office. He specially mentioned an office boy who works for him. He mentioned how he is a star on TikTok and said you will definitely become a star in films one day.

This is something that makes Allu Arjun very mentionable. Many may have various opinions about the star but then it is an undeniable fact that he gives utmost respect to his team and give them paramount importance. We have seen him mention their hard work without any inhibitions on the stage of big events.

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People like them are usually around every star but they never exist for the outside world. Only Allu Arjun brings them before the crowd. He also attends the personal events of his staff. Recently he went to the wedding of his PRO and also threw a Birthday Bash for his Digital Manager. He also has this habit of making them grow in life making them Producers, Executive Producers, etc.

Just because of this quality, his staff work for him like there is no tomorrow and they play a very important role in what Allu Arjun is today.

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