Pawan Kalyan DirectorThe other day, director Harish Shankar has posted a 25 seconds video of Pawan Kalyan’s old super hit films in which the actor is seen at his energetic best. He captioned the video ‘Let’s witness this energy again’. Harish will be directing Pawan Kalyan’s next, #PSPK28 and that has driven the fans crazy.

The director previously directed Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh which maybe something which comes close to Pawan Kalyan’s energy in the old classics. So, if someone can really do that, it is going to be Harish Shankar. So, fans have pinned high hopes on this film.

The movie was announced a long ago but has been delayed due to various reasons. But then, the delay will ensure more time for Harish to make the script better. Meanwhile, there is also a section of fans who are skeptical about the hype.

“After Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar never lived up to the promise. Probably, he is unnecessarily increasing the hype. It may lead to a condition that he will be biting off more than what he can chew. Pawan Kalyan’s reflexes have slowed down considerably due to various reasons in recent times, it is no easy to recreate the old magic,” they say.

But then, as the director of Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar deserves the benefit of the doubt.