Karan_Johar_Bollywood_MindsetBollywood has hit a rough patch. Mainstream films like Prithviraj, Jersey, and others have bombed at the box office. Meanwhile, south films like KGF 2, RRR, and Pushpa have run riot at the box office.

Now, Bollywood ace filmmaker Karan Johar has commented that KGF 2 is a very good film but had it been made in Bollywood, critics would’ve lynched the film and lambasted the content.

Karan’s comment essentially depicts the main reason for Bollywood’s bad time.

What’s important is to make films like KGF 2 that have what it takes to pull the audience to theaters in big numbers. Bollywood is of the mindset that critics will comes down heavily on Hindi films and lap up south films. So, they are ending up making films in nowhere land which aren’t catering to the audience or critics.

South filmmakers have mastered this trade and they are catering to the pan-Indian audience. The tremendous box office returns of these films showcase the same. The critics too are in awe of the same. It is high time that Bollywood understands the paradigm and act accordingly.