This-Is-the-Overlooked-Threat-for-RangasthalamWhen ‘Rangasthalam‘ is still running in theatres with house full collections, it’s now available on the digital platform, Amazon Prime Video from 14th May onwards. ‘Rangasthalam’ will be completing 50 days run on 18th May. Will this arrival on the digital platform affect the theatrical run?

Looks like, the threat was overlooked, big time. Once the movie becomes available on digital platforms like Amazon and Yupp TV, the piracy websites will have access to the free original print of the movie. So, the original print will be all over the piracy websites. This would hit at the theatrical revenues, indefinitely.

Why was this fact overlooked or did the producers didn’t see the threat coming in the form of the digital release? At the end of the day, it’s the theatrical run that would add to the stats and also show the crowd pulling capacity of the movie. It’s barely two months that ‘Rangasthalam’ whas been in the theaters.