This Is the Difference Between KGF - KGF 2Prashant Neel has become the most sought-after director after the phenomenal success of KGF Chapter 1. Every star from North and South want to collaborate with him to take their career to the next level.

In a recent interview given to a YouTube channel, Yash said that Prashant Neel is someone who is very underplayed in real life. But he knows what kind of talent and ideas Prashant has for the films he is going to make in the future.

Yash pointed out that Prashant’s first film Ugramm was a great film and a superhit that prompted him to make something as big as KGF. If KGF 2 does well, then Prashant is going to make even bigger films with bigger ideas.

Prashant Neel was asked how different is KGF 1 from KGF 2? Prashant said that in the first part, they introduced and established the world of KGF, but this time in chapter 2, it will be all about the characters and drama.

Prashant Neel is already doing Salaar with Prabhas, and NTR has announced his upcoming project with him. Allu Arjun and Ram Charan also are likely to team up with Prashant Neel in the near future. But a lot depends on the fate of KGF 2, which is releasing on April 14th.