This Is The Biggest Problem With Rajamouli Ace filmmaker Rajamouli is a master of blending high-octane action with emotions. He is next to none when it comes to picturizing adrenaline pumping action sequences. He has a clear vision of what to present on the big screens and never settles for anything other than sheer perfection.

Coming to the topic, noted action choreographers Ram-Laxman made an interesting revelation about Rajamouli. “Rajamouli has a clear vision of what he wants and doesn’t need any additional support in bringing what he envisions on to the big screens. To be brutally honest, we won’t get much credit if we work on Rajamouli’s films,” they said.

The fight masters went on to explain that their intention is not to complain about Rajamouli. “He can ably compose the fight sequences in his films. Such is his understanding of cinema,” they say.

This appears to be the biggest problem of working with Rajamouli. He always gets the lions share of the credit even if other prinicpal technicians put their heart and soul into his projects. But pulling it all together and successfully executing larger-than-life projects is no easy task. It is only fair that the creative genius often walks away with the biggest piece of cake.