This Is a Dumb Suggestion to RajamouliRRR will be hitting theatres worldwide in under 100 hours from now. While the advance bookings for the film in the Telugu states are exceedingly good, the advance bookings in the Northern circuit are not on par with the trend in AP and Telangana. Now, a few netizens have started advising Rajamouli and RRR to release a new trailer to boost the bookings in the Northern belt.

Releasing a new trailer now is not a wise move as it will send the wrong signals. There might be a misconception that team RRR released a new trailer just to boost the weak advance sales. This isn’t what the makers would be wanting now.

More importantly, there is no content left for the makers to release now. The 3-minute trailer that was released a while ago gave a clear view of the core set-up and the story. The makers even released the Etthara Jenda which was initially planned to be placed during the end credits.

If the team is to release a new trailer, they will have to compile one with content that wasn’t seen already. This isn’t all that easy as there are just 3 days to go for the film’s release. So, there is no need to rush into anything, just to release any fresh promotional material, let alone a new trailer.

The idea of releasing any more new content from RRR is a dumb one. Rajamouli appears to be super confident about the output and team RRR should now be opining that the film will gain momentum in the Northern circuit if it gets a unanimously positive response.