This Hero Looks Calm-Going But Sits On Producer's HeadHe is a hero from one of the influential families in Tollywood. He used to be hot-headed initially but calmed down a lot in the public perception. He comes as very soft and calm-going these days.

But then, there is an unseen side of the actor as well. Producers and directors of his films are going through hell. The star is the synonym of indiscipline. He is known for his mood swings. No one knows when he comes to the set or when he goes.

Even when he comes to the shoot, he spends all day in the caravan some times. As a result, the call sheets of other actors also get wasted. Particularly, it becomes increasingly tough with the dates of the heroines. The production days and the costs are increasing as a result.

There is another worst part about it. This guy acts so nice in the public that no one believes if he is the same person who is causing so much trouble.