Tollywood Comedian RumorHe is a talented comedy actor in the Telugu film industry. He entered the industry in an unconventional manner but very soon made a name for himself.

He rose to the position of a star comedian now. But he is ruining his career with his own hands with greed. This actor is showing stars to producers with unreasonable demands.

He charges the producers on an hourly basis irrespective of the scale of the film.

There are many stories doing rounds in Filmnagar about his discipline as well.

This man is also known for bringing friends to the location and playing cards with them in his caravan. He would not come even when the shot is ready.

Their food and other expenses are also added to the producer’s tally.

He does not even come to the film promotions and wants money even for that.

The problem is that he is definitely a talented artist but did not reach the stage of a ‘must-have’.

Industry tolerates them to some extent but things will turn bad once his time turns bad.