Third-Is-Out,-yet-It-Is-Mind-Block-for-Mahesh-BabuAudio plays an important part in promoting the film to be a film worth spending money on for the audience. Well,
Mahesh Babu and team is striving for that success of their audio and their one single every Monday is working well in terms of updates but so far first is the best from the audio of Sarileru Neekevvaru.

Monday had the third single of Rashmika Mandanna, the lead opposite Mahesh Babu with the video glimpses and the song Cute Abbayi couldn’t impress the audience at all. Even Rashmika didn’t give anything great to enjoy. She just looked like a hyperactive kid trying to get attention.

But, the first outing, Mind Block is saving the day of Mahesh’s film as it is still the trending song on various social media promotion platforms like Tik Tok where the girl owned the song to the core as they shake their booty for the beats of the dappu in the song. That is such a relief for DSP who would have ended up in a mess if even Mind Block didn’t do well. Let’s see what more they have.