Thimmarusu And Ishq: Small Films, Big Challenges!The Telugu film industry is re-opening after the COVID Second Wave on July 30th. Satyadev’s Thimmarusu and Teja Sajja‘s Ishq are the two releases that are going to test their luck at the box office. Interestingly, both the films are remakes – Thimmarusu (Kannada) and Ishq (Malayalam).

Both Satyadev and Teja are promising actors and are trying to make their mark on the audience. There has been curiosity in the audience about every move of them. So, they will be hoping that the audience will give them a chance irrespective of the prevailing conditions.

The only question remains is that if the audience will come out to watch the ‘different’ content. Usually, the audience will look for entertainment in these stressful times. The Original films do not have much of that and we will have to see what the remakes will have.

The reception of Thimmarusu and Ishq will decide the immediate course of action of the Telugu film industry. These films will help the filmmakers in two minds to make a decision about which way they will go.