RGV - Ram Gopal Varma with costume designerRGV did it again and we know he continues to do that. No we are not talking about his films but his social media hungama that he started mid-night as he celebrated the new year arrival in his style. It looked as if he was drink again as he kept posting rubbish and some naughty clicks which became annoying later on.

The director shared his pic with the costume designer of his last release, Beautiful, from his “den” as he quoted in his post. There is nothing wrong with partying with colleagues but the thighs he was elevated in the picture is what made everybody talk in social media.

We all know his obsession with thighs and here is another example of his love for women and thighs. His craziness is growing every day and so are his films and posts. Let’s see how far more could the Rangeela man goes.