Amala-Paul-Aadai-InterviewAmala Paul is on top of the headlines with her nude stills and the shooting stories of her without clothes between the production crew of Aadai(Malayalam), Aame(Telugu). No doubt the teaser has created a lot of curiosity among various audience and raised expectations on the film to do positive. But do you know this film’s trailer made her lose another project?

Speaking in an interview, the actress revealed the impact of the boldness that she sported for the film saying the makers of another film for which she was finalized for the lead heroine role have removed her after the Aadai trailer got out. Apparently, they have given a lot of other reasons for removing her from the big project but none of them were convincing.

As they informed about her ejection right after the trailer release, that gives an insight on why they removed her and the only sensible reason to think about. But her fearless move also got a positive impact.

She has been getting offers for great projects and she has no regret for what she did for Aadai. Only the result of the film can tell if her stress was worth it.