Rakul-Preet-Singh---CBFCRakul Preet Singh has gained a lot of attention with one video song from her coming Bollywood film, De De Pyar De with Ajay Devgn. The actress rocked the party song with immense grace and people loved her glamour show where she played a drunk girl flirting with the hero at the event.

Now, the CBFC found it inappropriate that Rakul was holding the alcohol bottle in the song. They actually asked the makers to replace the bottle with flowers so that they could give a U/A certificate to the film.

There were also a couple of changes made to the double meaning dialogues in the film and De De Pyar De got a clean chit for the release on Friday.

Now what people including Ajay Devgn wonder is that, how can an alcohol bottle be replaced by flowers? Also, the song says Vaddi Sharaban and the actress who is singing the song there to hold the bottle seems apt to the situation. It is not that there haven’t been instances ever in the industry that the actresses were shown boozing or holding a bottle. Well, it is done now anyway. Now Rakul will be seen holding flowers for the Vaddi Sharaban on the big screen.