Vakeel Saab Item SongThaman is the most sought after music directors in the industry right now. It is almost like he is scoring music for nine out of every ten star films coming these days. In an interview, Thaman has revealed the pressures he undergo when scoring music for stars.

“It will be difficult to handle fans when working with a star like Pawan Kalyan. They even asked for an item number in Vakeel Saab. They will be there itself. We can not do anything. But I experimented with Vakeel Saab background score,” Thaman said.

“Because of fans, I scored Maguva Maguva song in Mass beat. We will have to satisfy everyone. We also have the space in RR. Pawan Kalyan is a star who will have the Euphoria at a different level,” Thaman added. Vakeel Saab is Thaman’s first film starring Pawan Kalyan.

After Vakeel Saab, Pawan Kalyan immediately gave him a chance to score music for Bheemla Nayak. The first two songs of the film which were out already were greeted to good response.