they-ask-for-those-pictures-baahubali-girl-nora-fatehiNora Fatehi, who mesmerized the audience with her smoking hot performance in Rajamouli’s Baahubali in “Manohari” song, raised her voice against the social media bullying and vented her displeasure in trollers being able to feel too Safe in the cyber world for too long.

MTV Troll Police has given a face to many celebrities who have been trolled on the social media for posting the pictures of their own. Nora opened up on the show saying these trollers hide their faces and take their frustration out on social media being the psychopaths that they want to be, but, in secret.

“What is beyond my understanding is how we are living in a society where a guy has the courage to ask a girl to post her naked pictures so that he can masturbate,” told the actress. Well, this is no new to the celebrity world. Wish the trollers understand that trolling is a cyber-crime and if caught, they cannot run away by saying that it is their opinion as the actress said.