Eesha-Rebba-Casting-CouchEesha Rebba is one Telugu actress who is not giving up for years despite the biased choices of the filmmakers for whom the other language speaking girls are the first choice for good and lead roles. She has been and is struggling still to make it big and establish her mark as Telugu actress in Tollywood. With her next, “Ragala 24 Gantallo” is to hit screens the coming week, she shared her views on the injustice that the Telugu girls are facing in the industry.

Admitting that it was very fortunate to get the chance of doing a strong character in a heroine oriented film like “Ragala 24 Gantallo”, Eesha says not always an actress, that too a Telugu heroine would get that beautiful opportunity to play an important role in a film.

As she has been pointing it for all these years, Eesha speaking in an interview noted again that our filmmakers say they are comfortable with the Telugu girls to work as it is really easy to communicate and make understand what they want but they really don’t mean it.

Those words are just for the sake of it and when it really comes to the films, they go for the non-Telugu girls but won’t give a chance to the Telugu speaking actresses. But fortunately, this is changing now as the “Awe!” actress says directors are now looking for Telugu girls for their films and soon this injustice tradition is going to see an end in Tollywood. That is really a good sign to go with Eesha. Let’s see.