Ram-CharanRam Charan and Upasana are one of the celebrated couples in Tollywood. The successful entrepreneur often addresses Charan as ‘Mr C’. She has now spilled beans about the duo’s relationship and what she likes in Charan.

When asked how Upasana being such a huge star wife remains with ease and secure with Charan’s stardom, she dubs Charan as the reason behind her secret. “Only a secure man will allow his wife to work and be successful. Charan is the sweetest person, he is my motivation and always there for me,” says Upasana.

She further adds that it is not that wife has to do things for her husband. “Charan takes care of me sometimes. I just tell him that I am your biggest fan. He is so sweet. His perspective on life is different from what I am used to, so I like listening to him. He also takes care of household things. He is homely and I like it”.

Upasana concludes by stating how Charan does small things which surprise and bring a smile to everyone. From praising their cook to buying clothes for them without any reason, all these things set him apart. On the work front, Charan is busy with RRR. He then has a commitment with Shankar for RC15.