There's No Space in Telugu for Yash's Movie?‘Gajakesari’, the Telugu dubbed version of Yash’s 2014 Kannada movie with the same title is coming to theatres on 5th March. One look into the trailer tells us that Yash was looking a lot younger in the dubbed movie and of course, his stardom was different when they made this Kannada original movie.

Given the present situation, the Telugu market is flooded with multiple releases from all over every week and it might be hard to make a place for a dubbed movie like this that was made 7 years ago. Maybe, the producers who bought the dubbing rights want to cash on Yash’s current popularity.

However, there is no place for such tactics when the market is really tight and there is a huge competition between big and small films for the right space to procure theatres for straight films. Will it really work trying to cash on the pan-Indian star’s craze with an old movie of his?

Audiences have watched him in an energetic and rustic avatar in ‘KGF Chapter 1’ and anything less than that would do no good to the dubbing Telugu version of ‘Gajakesari’. Looks like a futile attempt, though!