Eesha RebbaEesha Rebba has managed to gain a good following on social media with her crazy hot photoshoots and the posts of her updates. Well, her glamour and performance on the screen have also done some magic though. Anyway, having no solid outing so far, the actress has finally grabbed a perfect role to showcase her skill and the trailer too somewhat got a mixed response.

But the Telugu girl is expecting that magic to happen with this film and so do the widespread fans of the actress. The fans are making all their efforts to promote their favorite actress’s “Ragala 24 Gantallo” as they share the trailer vigorously on different social media platforms.

There are good chances for the film to grab the required attention to the actress, but if only the thriller makes sense ans work at the theaters.

Well, let’s see if the girl has any luck at least this time. Apart from that, the actress is also going to be seen in the Telugu remake of Lust stories which also has some hopes to get her more fame.