There-Are-Videos-&-CDs-on-Pawan-Kalyan---Sri-ReddySri Reddy isn’t in a mood to calm down on Pawan Kalyan after he opined that she better approach Police instead of increasing the TRPs o TV channels. Don’t know the reason why she was instigated to the extent of showing her middle-finger and use the most abusive word possible.

After all this Hungama, she is demanding that Pawan Kalyan fans must stop trolling her on the social media and Pawan must take the initiative to control his fans from verbally attacking and abusing her. She went to the extent of saying that she came to know about some videos and CDs regarding Pawan Kalyan.

The Powerstar is presently active in politics and is trying to address various issues. Sri Reddy is directly challenging Pawan Kalyan to shut up his fans who are trolling her big time. Well, the issue seems to have taken the wrong route and it would be better if Sri Reddy realises this and concentrates on her fight against casting couch.