Rashmika-Mandanna---Dear--ComradeDear Comrade’s trailer is out and people still can’t forget that romantic kiss that both shared in the teaser.

Vijay Deverakonda had enough kissing scenes in Arjun Reddy more than any other film, but the ones with Rashmika Mandanna have a special attraction.

Those clips from Geetha Govindam have become a big controversy back then as the actress was engaged by then. She broke that engagement with Rakshit Shetty after the film though. There was whole lot controversy around the break-up linking it to the kissing shots in Geetha Govindam and yet the duo did it again nice and hot.

Speaking with Kannada media, Rashmika spoke on why they had to keep repeating the “kissing” in her films and said there are enough kissing scenes in Dear Comrade and those are just any emotions like anger and fear which are exhibited by the roles not them as individuals. Now keeping that explanation aside, “enough kissing” is interesting.