Anjali Parvati Koda is now reported to be expanding into the movie industry. Coming from a family of filmmakers, with Mohan Koda as her father, playwright and co-founder of a city based theatre group known as Samahaara, Koda is reportedly working on script for a Hindi flick.

Koda said about her script that, “It’ll be shot in Hyderabad and will have characters from the city who speak the Hyderabadi lingo. It is a romantic comedy. I want to start off with something that I can handle well, but I really like action.”

About her privileged background, Anjali acknowledged that, “It’s always an added advantage, but I got recognition through my stage endeavors. Producers didn’t even know that my family was into films when they approached me with this project. But I was already familiar with the process of film-making which helped.”