Baahubali the name is enough to make people excited about the film thanks to the cast and crew involved. The director and actor combination of SS Rajamouli and Prabhas too after a sensational movie like Chatrapathi in a period set up has taken the hype on whole new level than imagined before. Naturally then everything related to the movie is keenly followed and the most asked question is release date of the film.

The release dates therefore are told keeping the competition and season in mind. As Baahubali is a huge and probably the biggest budgeted film ever in Telugu the makers are looking for the best possible season with least competition. Also it should have an open release window across the industries. Keeping all this in mind sources say Baahubali could be released only around Dussera next year but not before. All the news in between is simply another promotional tactic to keep the film in news. So that’s the update on the release date of the film.

Correction to the above article: Mahesh Koneru confirms that Summer 2015 release date is confirmed for the film. Team will reveal the exact date soon.