The Tollywood bike appeal!

As more and more trends are happening in Tollywood, one of the oldest and yet the latest trend is bike riding. The lead actors are shown entering riding a big, towering motorbike and saving the damsel in distress. For proof we have the 22-second trailer of the upcoming Pawan Kalyan film which shows the same trend. The promo has gathered a lot of publicity and excitement even when the lead star is not on the bike. Pawan is seen striding with hands in his denim pockets while a group of bikers ride in the background.

Another instance is displayed by Pawan’s very own nephew Ram Charan Teja who shows off his biking skills in his forthcoming movie. The male fascination for these kinds of machines has been popular for a long time but apparently actors riding these mean bikes on-screen seems to be working and also gathers a lot of attention from fans.