Kerala-Photographer-Vishnu-Whiteramp's-Who-Hung-From-Tree-For-Pic,-Went-ViralHow do you define passion? If you face this question anytime, show them this video which has gone viral on the internet for a week now. People just wanted to know who this dedicated, passionate and crazy photographer is, and here are the details.

The video showed the photographer hanging down a tree upside down to take the top angle picture of the couple. He is Vishnu Whiteramp a 23-year-old passionate photographer who does crazy stuff like so to get that perfect shot he wanted. He is from Kerala and is super happy with his video went viral.

People called him the Indian spider-man turned photographer under family pressures. So people, start posting your crazy stuff on social media, you never know what goes viral and what makes you an overnight celebrity. Remember the wink girl?