Looks like the South Indian film industry has been facing lot of power struggles. Or is that ego clashes? Well, all we know that has been a lot of news going around about clashes between directors and producers, producers and heroes.

Case in point? The Tollywood circuit is even now bubbling with the controversy of Lawrence and ‘Rebel’ producers. And just before that? It was Puri Jagannadh versus D V V Danayya playing the ball.

But now, even the Chennai film industry seems to have joined the league. Word on the street is that reputed producer Muktha Srinivasan has filed a case against the notable Kamal Haasan. A bit unusual to the ears, but apparently director Srinivasan took offense to the article written by Kamal for a tabloid to commemorate the 25 years of the cult movie ‘Nayakudu.’

According to sources, Kamal mentioned about his ‘frustration’ on how Muktha used to put restrictions during the making of the film, in his article for the tabloid. Muktha seems to have reacted on this part, forgoing all the other raises that Haasan had for it.

Well jury is still out, but we will surely be keeping an eye out on how this goes!