Tollywood PROs QuestionsA Senior Journalist’s Sexist question at DJ Tillu Trailer launch event sparked a massive Outrage on social media. The heroine Neha Shetty did not mince words and lambasted the Journalist left, right and center. The industry has also come in support of the actress on this issue.

But then, this is not an isolated incident. The Q&A Sessions at Tollywood event often witness such outrageous questions. The vicious Thumbnails culture on YouTube is the reason for this. Whenever such stupid questions are asked, the concerned are given prominent coverage with separate videos.

As a result, a batch of people who crave for such limelight only attend those events with Q&A sessions and try to hog YouTube limelight with such insensitive questions.

Most of this batch is senior Journalists and the PRs managing these events do not want to hurt them and could not stop them. They just do not pass on the mic to others and obstruct the sane questions. And what we get is these rubbish questions and brick-bats for the entire media.

Some of the dumb questions asked at an RRR event hogged the limelight on Social media and Telugu media became a laughter stock.

Now PRs are planning to adopt a policy of not showing the faces of those asking such questions. Lack of video coverage will deter their enthusiasm to attend the events and ask such questions – they believe. 

After the DJ Tillu incident, all the PRs of Tollywood are contemplating taking a decision on blanket ban of video coverage for Q&A sessions. But then, there are some allegations that some movie units themselves encouraged this menace on some occasions to get the attention on YouTube. 

The so-called journalists and incidents like this paint a poor picture of the entire Telugu media.