The Other Side Of Mahesh Babu's SonMahesh Babu’s son Gautham comes around as a calm and introvert lad. This is the conclusion that the vast majority of netizens came to after catching whatever glimpse Namratha offers of Gautham on her Instagram handle.

Cut to now, Gautham has taken Mahesh Babu‘s fans on social media by surprise by showcasing his other side.

Going into the story, a video, presumably a new one, of Gautham has surfaced on social media and it is going viral. In the video, Gautham is seen acting in a stage play. He looks at ease while doing so.

This video is now drawing a series of interesting reactions from Mahesh’s fans. A few say they are excited to see Gautham acting in a stage play, and a few others say “Varasudu ochesadu”(the scion has arrived).

Almost everyone opine that Gautham, who seems like an introvert and shy guy, is nowhere close to the conception and his acting stint implies the same. Mahesh’s fans in particular are already commenting that Gautham is already interested in acting and it is about time he debuts in films.

But is too early to comment on Gautham’s aspirations. There’s still a long way to go for him to actually start acting professionally, that is of course if he’s interested.