Script writers in Telugu Cinema often come under heavy fire for writing clichéd and unoriginal stories catering only to the mass audience, but the truth of the matter is that writing out good scripts for a movie is tougher than it looks.

According to Kona Venkat, the secret of blockbusters lies in the synchronization with the director. “We write every film hoping that it would be a blockbuster; however it also depends on the sync with the director and how it falls in place since there are various crafts involved,” said Venkat.

Gopi Mohan confirmed saying that, “We discuss a lot about hero’s characterization, dialogues, scenes where the hero is elevated. When we work on big films, since a lot of money is involved, there are 1-2 main writers and then 2-3 others who help in writing the story, screenplay and dialogues. And we bounce ideas and improvise because we have to like the story first.”

Whatever be the method, one thing is clear that writing scripts for a movie is not an easy task!