RGV-RJ-prateekaThese days cine celebrities are appearing on television more. Ofcourse television is the best platform for them to promote themselves and their films. In the same manner, RGV too appeared on a telly talk show on Monday evening hosted by popular Radio Jockey turned anchor Prateeka.

One knows the nature of Prateeka and her verbal diarrhea kind of non-stop blabbering and her popularity among city youth especially guys. Inviting RGV to the show is typical and a total contrast. RGV irritated her to the core and tested her patience giving the answer ‘NOTHING’ for majority of the questions she posed.

Most of the questions he chose to ignore and when Prateeka asked him why, RGV said ‘Naa Ishtam’ (My wish) irritating her even more. But for one question he gave an interesting answers. When Prateeka asked, ‘If you become invisible, what three things you would like to do?” The first thing RGV wants to do is to go to a girls’ hostel and see what girls are doing. The second thing he would like to go into a shopping mall and rob thinngs.

The third one is..he would like to slap many people in the industry. But he didn’t want to reveal the names of people who he would like to slap. When asked why, again he said, “My Wish”. One of the caller even asked, “When you don’t wanna answer anything, why are you on the show?” For that RGV said, “Ask Prateeka. She better knows why she invited a person like me to a show like this.”