Priyanka Zanjeer Couture

Priyanka Chopra has turned to international designer Pria Kataria Puri for her clothing and fashion needs for the film Zanzeer. Renowned for catering globally to fashionists, Pria has never had a dearth of clothing demands from Bollywood Divas. But unlike those fruitless demands, Pria accepted Priyanka’s request, who then flew in to Mumbai from the US on this very Thursday morning for a very special appointment.

A source said, “Priyanka personally preferred Pria to do her clothes in Zanjeer. This is Priyanka’s first assignment after the release of her international single ‘In The City’. She wants an entirely international look for her character. Moreover Priyanka plays an NRI in Zanjeer. She wants her clothes to reflect the tastes of a global woman who happens to be Indian. Priya with her Indian background and international attitude was seen to be an ideal candidate to dress up Priyanka in Zanjeer.”