The Good Part About KCR's Decision Telangana Government, the other day, had issued a G.O. allowing the standalone theaters in the state to collect parking charges. This move is allowed so as to help the theater owners to tide over the economic crisis that occurred due to the pandemic.

However, the G.O. does not allow multiplexes, malls, and shopping complexes to collect the parking charges. The Government is of the opinion that these people are in a better off condition in the pandemic and do not reply heavily on Parking charges like the single screen.

Malls and Shopping complexes have many revenue sources to make money. The Government feels they should be providing free parking space to the customers. Giving this exemption for Single screen theaters has become imminent due to this crisis. It is a relief to the people for excluding the malls and shopping complexes.

Excluding them is the best part of the decision. But then, we may very soon see them lobbying with the Government for the same exemption. Telangana film chamber of commerce which has recently became active rigorously pursued for the exemption and successfully got it. This is the chamber’s first success, we can say.