The Girl Ruhani Sharma Is Sanskari On-Screen, Very Hot Off-ScreenIn ‘Chi La Sow‘, Anjali enacted by newbie Ruhani Sharma is a no-nonsense girl who has a certain level of matured thinking. She is down to the earth and like the girl next door. Ruhani Sharma killed the on-screen action with the makeup-less look and even adding pimples to her otherwise spotless face.

True. In reality, she doesn’t have pimples. But, in the movie, we saw her sporting pimples. Maybe, the director wanted to show how a middle-class girl looks naturally. When we take a look at her off-screen persona, we’ll be amazed to know that she is a hot looking girl who will also be suitable for playing glamorous roles.

Anyway, she proved her mettle as an actress who can deliver with proper expressions and hopefully, her off-screen cuteness might fetch her more offers in Tollywood. The actress actually hails from Himachal Pradesh and while her parents are living in Himachal Pradesh, she is presently living in Mumbai to pursue a career in films.